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Allow your flexibility training or yoga practice to expand by experiencing a new approach to traditional yoga postures. Fusing the BOSU® Balance Pods with yoga-inspired poses, you'll explore several 'flows' to challenge the mind and body while building strength, improving mobility and creating a better physical & mental awareness. Whether added to a yoga class or used as an alternative to a warm-up/cool-down sequence, consider this interpretation another means to enhancing movement efficiency, restoration & recovery - something any client or participant can benefit from!

Equipment: BOSU® Balance Pods 2:1, BOSU® Balance Trainer 1:1 & Yoga/Exercise Mat

For the best experience we recommend:

  • Using genuine BOSU® products (any generation), which include unique and patented features - substitutes may not allow the same results
  • Wearing gym shoes or minimal shoes
  • Having a towel handy to wipe sweat or water from surface of Balance Trainer and Balance Pods to prevent slipping and avoid potential injury

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Yoga Fusion

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