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Although created as a supplement to our BOSU® Metabolic Methods: EMOM's Workshop, this Clinic stands strong on its own! Whether Training in 2's or working out with a friend you'll get a plethora of ideas - while sparking new ones - to enhance any cardio, strength & core session!

Equipment: BOSU® Balance Trainer 1:1, BOSU® Core Sliders 2:1 & BOSU® Fabric Resistance Band 1:1 (or any similar products)

For the best experience we recommend:

  • Using a genuine BOSU® Balance Trainer (any generation) which includes unique and patented features - substitutes may not allow the same results
  • Wearing gym shoes or minimal shoes
  • Having a towel handy to wipe sweat or water from surface of Balance Trainer to prevent slipping and avoid potential injury

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